Develop Lookahead Plan that connects with the project schedule

An interactive color-coded Gantt that enables users to plan, execute and track construction weekly work.  Connect field tasks with project schedule to create reliable Lookahead plan with ease.

Key Features

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Hear what real users have to say—and see them interact with your prototype—with live video and audio recordings.

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    Project Set Up

    Our quick and easy project set-up allows you to get started in minutes. As needed, you can add company, team members, trade etc.

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    Project Tasks

    Controlled access allows users to add tasks and task work days. As needed, you can add target completion date, task type, trade etc.

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    Percent Complete

    Our color-coded task status and activity percent complete allows you to quickly see impacts on the schedule.

Lookahead Planning

Lookahead enables foreman and superintendents to plan, execute and track construction weekly work. The Lookahead plan may include tasks identified in the CPM schedule and detail work not included in the schedule.

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Managing the construction project schedule is difficult. Keeping up with construction tasks is a headache in itself especially when it involves calling, emailing subcontractor and sending text message. WenPlan leverages technology to connect teams, enhances collaboration, minimize interruption of work, improves project execution and increase your bottom line.

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Little bit of numbers

Companies overlook the importance of short-term planning. High labor productivity often also goes hand in hand with shorter and more reliable schedules.

Construction productivity has only grown, on average, 1 percent a year over the past two decades

25 percent Projects slip schedule by over 20 percent causing labor inefficiencies

Half of all construction companies experienced under performing projects in the previous year.

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WenPlan is intuitive and easy to use


Very useful tool for collaboration. Saves time spent on creating, updating, formatting Excel 4-week schedule

Project Admin

Speeds up our 4-week lookahead process by eliminating several steps.

Project Engineer

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