WenPlan Launch!

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“WenPlan is built by contractors for contractors.”

We are proud to announce launch of WenPlan! WenPlan is an easy-to-use Excel alternative cloud-based construction Lookahead planning software.  WenPlan enables construction professionals to collaborate weekly work plan. 

What Is WenPlan?

WenPlan’s easy-to-use Lookahead planning software enables  superintendent, foreman and construction project managers to organize, collaborate and control weekly work plan.  It allows you to conveniently focus on upcoming task in order for you to have the required tools, equipment and resources to allow this work to happen. 

One of the greatest difficulties faced by owners dealing with contractor’s schedule updates is the issue of start and completion dates of scheduled activities. Planning and monitoring project schedule can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

WenPlan helps firms minimize interruptions to work, increase productivity, increases accountability and ultimately boost profits.  

For more on how to use WenPlan, check out our tutorial video!

Who is WenPlan For and What are the Benefits?

Let us take the hassle out of managing your Lookahead planning! So try our FREE-trial of WenPlan today!

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