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“WenPlan is built by contractors for contractors.”

A look ahead is simply a view of your current project schedule but looking ahead for 2, 4 or 6 weeks. It’s typically a schedule of the short term (4 week) for weekly meetings.  Currently planning of upcoming tasks is a manual process using pen-and-paper, Excel, or home-brewed reports.

Purpose of Lookahead Plan?

Key elements of the Lookahead Plan

  • Ensure Labor, Materials, equipment/tool supply
  • Effective coordination with trades and project team
  • Establish clear ownership for removing the roadblock with a specific timetable.
  • Measure/track project performance
  • Share critical roadblocks with the owner.

Why WenPlan?

WenPlan is an easy-to-use Excel alternative cloud-based construction Lookahead planning software. WenPlan helps

  1. Teams connect with real-time data
  2. Reduce administrative workload/tasks – duplicate data entry, search, share etc.
  3. Improve Field productivity
  4. Coordination between office and the field

Let us take the hassle out of managing your Lookahead planning! So try our FREE-trial of WenPlan today!  For more on how to use WenPlan, check out our tutorial video!

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