Keeping up with construction tasks is a headache in itself especially when it involves calling, emailing subcontractor and sending text message. WenPlan benefits include

  • Lookahead Plan
    • Easy-to-visualize interactive Gantt chart
    • Easy-to-use
  • Track Tasks
    • Easy-to-read color coded task status
    • Manage project task deadlines
    • Prioritize tasks
  • Notifications
    • Daily or weekly notifications by email or web
  • Access and update work plan anytime, anywhere
    • Team collaboration between office and the field
    • Optimize work plan, minimize delays and improve field productivity
    • Reduce administrative workload

WenPlan leverages technology to connect teams, improve visibility, respond to change efficiently, increase productivity and improve project success. 

General Contractor/Subcontractors/Owner

  • Shared visibility for all users
  • Facilitate collaboration in real-time
  • Seamless data sharing between teams


  • Excel-alternate to develop an integrated weekly work plan
  • Help minimize interruption of work
  • Save Time and Money with automation and eliminating duplicate data entry.
  • Identify and alleviate bottlenecks
  • Minimize disputes and costly-rework

Field Personnel

  • Simple interactive timeline view that illustrates project tasks

Project Executives

  • Provide greater visibility to the home office.
  • Increase accountability

For more information about Lookahead by One person vs. Team see Basic vs Professional License