Keeping up with construction tasks is a headache in itself especially when it involves calling, emailing subcontractor and sending text message. WenPlan leverages technology to connect teams, enhances collaboration, minimize interruption of work, improves project execution and increase your bottom line. WenPlan benefits include

WenPlan Benefits

  • Interactive Gantt
    • Easy-to-Use (Intuitive)
    • Easy-to-Visualize Gantt Chart
    • Easy-to-read color coded task status
    • Easy to split tasks
    • Scroll timeline
  • Track Tasks (Red-Yellow-Green)
    • Interactive task tracking – On Track or Behind Schedule
    • Manage Task Target completion and deadlines
    • Track Submittals
  • Performance
    • Avoid downstream problems
    • Reduce Risk
    • Improve productivity
  • Reporting & Monitoring
  • Lookahead Plan
    • Develop integrated Four Week Plan.
    • Quick response to deviations
    • Save time and money with a streamlined process
    • Eliminate duplicate data entry
    • Reduce paperwork
  • Improve Collaboration
    • Access and update anytime, anywhere
    • Team collaboration between office and field
    • minimize delays and improve field productivity
    • Custom daily or weekly notifications
    • Filter-sort-search
    • Email, Pdf-Excel export
    • Easy to collaborate in real time (Cloud based)
    • Shared visibility for Users based on access permissions
    • Increase accountability
    • Add Companies and team members to project
    • Save time
    • General Contractor can invite Subcontractors and Owners team members to collaborate or simply view project information.

Updating your schedule more frequently will help better address potential issues that cause costly delays.

For information about Why WenPlan and Lookahead by One person vs. Team see Basic vs Professional License