Keeping up with construction tasks is a headache in itself especially when it involves calling, emailing subcontractor and sending text message. WenPlan cloud-based construction Lookahead planning helps

  1. Access and update work plan anytime, anywhere
    1. Team collaboration between office and the field
    2. Save time on follow ups
    3. Optimize work plan, minimize delays and improve field productivity
    4. Reduce administrative workload/
    5. Accelerate Task completion and project completion
  2. Track Tasks
    1. Easy-to-read color coded task status
    2. Manage project task deadlines
    3. Prioritize tasks
  3. Benefits for
    1. General Contractor and Subcontractor
    2. Superintendents and Home office

WenPlan enables construction professionals to collaborate weekly work plan.  It helps firms control upcoming tasks, minimize interruptions to work, increase productivity,  accountability and ultimately boost profits.

WenPlan leverages technology to connect teams, improve visibility, respond to change efficiently, increase productivity and improve project success. 

  • General Contractors, Subcontractors & owner
    • Collaborate in real-time with access to project tasks from any device connected to the internet.
    • Export Week Work Plan to Excel and Import into PlanGrid and other software for collaboration.
    • Tasks User friendly easy-to-use collaboration tool
    • Facilitate collaboration in real-time
    • Shared visibility for all users
    • Seamless data sharing between teams
    • Identify and alleviate bottlenecks to maintain Project Schedule.
    • Planning and attention to detail helps avoid delays by identifying blockers well in advance to keep them from being an obstacle
  • Superintendent
    • Easy-to-use Excel-alternate for construction field personnel to develop weekly Lookahead Plan 
    • Help minimize interruption of work due to lack of tools, information, material, manpower, equipment, safety and space
    • Save time and money with automation and eliminating duplicate data entry
    • Minimize waste with better coordination
    • Minimize disputes and costly-rework.
    • Automate time-consuming process
    • Help develop an integrated weekly work plan
    • Identify and alleviate bottlenecks
  • Field Personnel
    • Simple timeline view that illustrates project tasks
  • Project executives
    • Provide greater visibility to the home office
    • Increase accountability

For more information about Lookahead by One person vs. Team see Basic vs Professional License