Most project teams have a critical path schedule up on the wall and most don’t use it to plan their weekly work because it isn’t detailed or current.  According to McKinsey, Companies overlook the importance of micro plans that look at what needs to happen the next day or the next week. The closer the team gets to doing the work, the more detailed the plan needs to be.

WenPlan allows you to conveniently develop good timely Lookahead plan to define weekly scope, minimize work interruptions and focus on upcoming tasks that must happen. With shared visibility to the field and home office, we enable superintendent to align the short-term plan (Lookahead) with the long-term plan (CPM Schedule).

Import Schedule 

To upload schedule, simply navigate to where you have the schedule (mpp) file stored.

By importing project schedules, field and home office can view the Planned work in Lookahead format and Percent complete anytime, anywhere without the need to ask for reports.

WenPlan helps Superintendents spend less time planning and more time being productive in the field.

Add Task

You can add a task and subtasks by clicking the Plus (+) sign beside Task description, assign responsibility to subcontractors, identify work days of activity or add Start and finish date, manage deadlines, Task Type, Trade Type and Spec.

You can filter, sort or search tasks to display micro schedule to plan, prioritize, establish clear ownership, get commitments, detect issues, and address them in a timely manner.

Plan & Track Task

The easy-to-visualize Red-Yellow-Green shows task is on track, at risk of being behind or behind schedule.

You can create a task and subtasks by clicking the Plus (+) sign beside Task description, assign responsibility, show activity by date, manage deadlines and more.  Interactive color-coded Gantt allows you to split tasks.

You can track side-by-side on one screen the task progress vs. the CPM task deadline.

Email Lookahead

By selecting a date, you can plan future tasks or view retrospective tasks.  You can add companies to assign task responsibilities.  You can invite users to collaborate.  Users can opt in to receive custom daily or weekly notifications.

You can filter, sort or search tasks to display micro schedule so trades can focus on what they really care.  When you are ready, click on the 2×2 4-dots icon to download or email the Lookahead Plan or Activity report.

Lookahead enables foreman and superintendents to plan, execute and track construction weekly work.  The lookahead plan is the outcome of the superintendent’s overall decision making process for managing jobsite activities. In this process, the superintendent not only defines the upcoming project tasks to maintain overall project schedule, but also projects can get buy-in from those executing the project plan for achievable scope, correct timing, adequate crews and any identified risks.  The Lookahead plan may include tasks identified in the CPM schedule and detail work not included in the schedule.  We welcome you to view training videos at your own pace.


Many critical path method schedules developed often fail to account for the huge number of variables (tasks and sequences) and uncertainties (durations and scope).   Construction processes are plagued with problems associated with variations. It is common for construction projects to fall behind schedule. Identifying and eliminating delays of all kinds, is imperative to project success. Maximizing productivity is the key to construction cost savings.


Good timely Lookahead plan greatly improves project execution and control.  It allows you to focus on upcoming tasks that must happen and make sure you have the required tools, equipment and resources to allow this work to happen.