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Quote from the field: Focusing on the Weekly Work Lookahead plan instead of shooting from the hip is key. Lookahead collaboration is critical instead of just being a piece of paper emailed out to everyone. 

The lookahead plan is the outcome of the superintendent’s overall decision making process for managing jobsite activities. In this process, the superintendent not only defines the upcoming project tasks to maintain overall project schedule, but also project can get buy-in from those executing the project plan for achievable scope, correct timing, adequate crews and any identified risks.

WenPlan is built for construction superintendent, foreman and project managers to coordinate and control the upcoming onsite tasks.  It allows you to focus on upcoming tasks that must happen and make sure you have the required tools, equipment and resources to allow this work to happen.

Good timely Lookahead plan greatly improves project execution and control.  Planning and attention to detail helps avoid delays by identifying blockers well in advance to keep them from being an obstacle.

If you are new to WenPlan, it’s strongly recommended that you view the training videos and checkout Purpose, Benefits and FAQ at your own pace.