Lookahead planning

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Construction processes are plagued with problems associated with variations that undermine project performance and disrupt workflow leading to detrimental impacts on project’s duration, cost, and quality.  Planning of upcoming weekly tasks is generally a manual process using Excel Spreadsheets. WenPlan is built for construction superintendent, foreman and project managers to coordinate and control the upcoming onsite tasks. WenPlan features and benefits

Key elements of Lookahead Plan

  • Ensure Labor, Materials, equipment/tool supply
  • Effective coordination with trades and project team
  • Establish clear ownership for removing the roadblock with a specific timetable.
  • Measure/track project performance
  • Share critical roadblocks with the owner.

Good timely Lookahead plan greatly improves project execution and control.  Planning and attention to detail helps avoid delays by identifying blockers well in advance to keep them from being an obstacle. It is common for construction projects to fall behind schedule. Eliminating delays of all kinds, on all ends, is imperative to project success. Maximizing productivity is the key to construction cost savings. WenPlan is

  • built for superintendent, foreman and construction project managers to coordinate and control the upcoming onsite tasks. 
  • an easy-to-use Excel alternative cloud-based construction field planning software that helps develop integrated Four week Lookahead plan. 
  • enhances collaboration, minimize interruption of work with Quick response to deviations.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce paperwork
  • Save time and money with a streamlined process
  • Increases accountability

It allows you to focus on upcoming tasks that must happen and make sure you have the required tools, equipment and resources to allow this work to happen. The purpose of lookahead planning is the coordination of work to be done by multiple teams.