What is WenPlan

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WenPlan, a simple easy-to-visualize construction planning software that helps develop weekly work plans with interactive easy-to-read color coded task status.

Lookahead Plan

A Lookahead plan is a simple view of project tasks looking ahead for 2, 3, or 4 weeks.  The purpose of lookahead planning is the coordination of work to be done by multiple teams.  

User-Friendly View

Timeline view is a user friendly tool that illustrates project tasks for planning and attention to detail.  This helps avoid delays by identifying blockers well in advance to keep them from being an obstacle.


Facilitates collaboration in real-time between all parties in one system from any device connected to the internet.  Provides ability to break down activities into small tasks, collaborate due dates and commit to them as planned.


Ready to find out more. Request your free demo by contacting the WenPlan team Email:  contact@wenplan.com