Why WenPlan

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WenPlan helps improve construction field productivity with enhanced short-term planning, improved coordination and quicker response to deviations. Deviations affects labor inefficiencies which is one of the biggest contributors to project overruns. Reducing idle time is the most promising way to improve site productivity.

Unforeseen events are inevitable; creating a continuous work flow means construction workers need to be able to anticipate and react quickly. Many companies use 30-, 60-, and 90-day plans, but they overlook the importance of microplans that look at what needs to happen the next day or the next week. Strong performers know what is happening day by day at the work site and adjust their microplans accordingly. They assess whether drawings, equipment, materials, and people are available and troubleshoot before the actual due date. Companies are exploring how to incorporate these elements into planning software and to make this a routine step in the planning process.

According the McKinsey The construction productivity imperative, Companies overlook the importance of microplans that look at what needs to happen the next day or the next week. WenPlan’s Weekly Work Planning enhances collaboration, minimize interruption of work, increases accountability,  improves project execution and saves time & money.

According to a study of over 12,000 projects by the Independent Project Analysis Group, more than 35 percent of all construction projects incurs a major change. 25 percent of projects slip by over 20 percent and 25 percent of all project grow in the field by over 30 percent.

According to another survey the top factors affecting construction labor productivity are lack of required construction material and lack of required construction tools/equipment.

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction processes are plagued with problems associated with variations that undermine project performance and disrupt workflow leading to detrimental impacts on project’s duration, cost, and quality.  In most construction companies, planning of upcoming tasks is a manual process using Excel Spreadsheets.  Complexities include field coordination among multiple companies with changing conditions, lack of information or change, interdependencies with other contractors, weather and change in equipment deliveries

Our easy to use cloud-based construction planning software provides a simple tool to develop a Lookahead plan that allows coordination of work to be done by multiple team members and track task status using an easy-to-read color coded views.  Good timely Lookahead plan helps define weekly scope, control cost and schedule and improve project execution.

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